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== RFID Reader and Hardware Support ==
== RFID Reader and Hardware Support ==
* [[EM4100 Reader pinouts]]
* [[EM4100 Reader pinouts]]
== Electric Locks and other Tutorials ==
* [[Electric Locks]]
==Project Goals and Information==
==Project Goals and Information==

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Open Access v4 hardware

This wiki contains documentation, ideas, bug fixes and other information about open-source access control and home automation systems. This Wiki is maintained by users and sponsored by ACCX Products.

Products from ACCX Products

ACCX Products is selling and supporting hardware based on the following open-source devices. Access documentation, files and more here:

RFID Reader and Hardware Support

Electric Locks and other Tutorials

Project Goals and Information

Open Source Access Control Design Framework

ACCX Products has been collecting information on existing security protocols and technologies. A set of design recommendations for open-source systems is outlined.

Security and Access Control Interoperability

A new "Area Control" API based on XML and REST is now available from the PSIA. This is an exciting development, and we will likely be porting our software to this API, via the Rasberry Pi interface.

Other Open Source Security Projects

Conference Slides and Presentations

Security Conferences and Events

Security Industry Associations

Security Industry Publications

Open Hardware Design and Tools