EM4100 Reader pinouts

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Reader Pinouts and specs

Most of the Wiegand protocol readers available use similar wiring and pinouts. Here are some general and specific guidelines.

Open Access v4 hardware

EM4100 Readers

The EM4100 readers from ACCX Products have this pinout:

  • Red = +12V Power (25-100ma)
  • Black = Ground/negative power terminal
  • Green = Data 0
  • White = Data 1
  • Blue = LED (ground this wire to change LED state)
  • Yellow = Beeper (ground to to turn on)
  • Grey = Wiegand26 or Wiegand34 support. Grounding this selects 26-bit output.

The Open Access Mega and v4 boards have all of these labelled on the header. There are (2) outputs for led and buzzer lines, which can all be addressed via the software.

Wiring Tips

  • Use 20-26ga alarm wire for easiest wiring. CAT5 also works, but the colors are different.
  • Telco splices (aka "Jelly Snappers") or quick-release connectors make connections easy.
  • The reader dimentions for our readers are 86x86mm and they are waterproof.

Card Format

The ACCX-supplied readers and cards use a Wiegand-26 format.

Card format: 26-bit (8-bit facility code, 16-bit user ID, two parity bits)


Electrical signalling:

A ‘0’ and a ‘1’ line are held at +5V relative to ground. When data is transmitted, the lines are sent low for a period of between 35-500uS (measured) with a pause between bits of approximately 10X the pulse width. Reader lines can be up to 500’ from the panel.

Initial Testing

For tips on initial testing, see the testing page: