Open Access 3.0

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Open Access Control v 3.0

Open access mega v3a5.png

This page summarizes the design notes for the next generation of the Open Access Control system. Included are lessons learned from the 1.0 and 2.0 versions and the detailed specification for the next revision.

System Features

The new system includes:

  • Standard and Mega versions (4 or 8 relays, 4 or 16 alarm zones)
  • RS-485 support for networking of systems, readers, etc.
  • 2xfully-mplemented Wiegand readers with power, LED, etc.
  • 25,000 user memory, thanks to the 1Mbit Atmel AT24C eeprom chip. (Increased from 200 user limit of current system)

Design Docs and Background

Build Instructions


Open Access Mega (Arduino Mega Version)

File:Open Access v3.1 mega

  • Includes Eagle CAD Schematic and Board Files
  • Bill of Materials included as attributes in drawing

File:Open Access Control Mega Firmware

  • Firmware and libraries for Open Access Mega