About ACCX Products

Products and Services

  • Repair of industrial electronics and equipment
  • Physical security solutions, prototypes and testing
  • Arduino and other embedded systems development, including turn-key industrial control solutions
  • System integration and prototype development. In-house capabilities include machining, farbrication, welding, 3D printing and CAD.
  • Access control and security hardware and software.
  • Consulting and training for the explosives and energetic materials industry through our other program, ACCX Research

We also provide a range of ready-to-use kits, boards and other hardware to make it easier to get started.

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Our Mission

ACCX Products is dedicated to providing assembled hardware, tools and kits to support the emerging field of Open Source Hardware. We believe that the physical security and access control arena needs more innovation and openness,  and that open source is the way to accomplish this.

By publishing our designs, we encourage software developers, hackers and anyone else with a problem to solve to use and contribute to our hardware and software projects.


The project started in 2010 with a need for an electronic access control at our work space that would be customizable and affordable. After some prototyping and debugging, an initial prototype emerged and a run of commercial boards was commissioned from Flashline Electronics in Sunnyvale, CA.

Soon, other Hacker Spaces began to inquire about our system, and a full open-source hardware and software project called “Open Access Control” was started to build out the and document the system.

Seeing the need for a wider variety of hardware, ACCX Products is the next step to developing reliable, open-source security products with the potential for commercial viability and wider distribution.

This effort is just breaking out of the planning stages, but has the potential to provide a wide range of solutions through the open-source community.