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How to get up and running with a Connect One Development Kit

The following tutorial refers to theConnect One WiReach and LAN Reach Nano Kits

Full spec sheet is here.

1. Download the latest iChip Config utility.

2. Download and install the drivers for the USB-to-Serial adapter. The adapter that ships with the kits contains a "Proflic Technologies" USB-to-Serial which may not have the correct drivers on the supplied CD. To find the correct drivers, try this:

3. Download the latest firmware.

4. Install the iChip config utility and connect to the device. You should have the option to put it into "monitor mode" and update the firmware. Let the utility discover the device, then select the default options and the .IMF image that you downloaded.

5. It will begin writing the new firmware to flash. This will take approximately 1 minute.

6. When it completes, exit out of the iChip Config utility and power-cycle the device using the power switch.

7. Connect to the device using a terminal emulator such as PuTTY. The default parameters are 8,N,1,115200BPS. Set the system to factory default using the command:


8. Your module should now be ready for use. To check if it is working, get a list of access points using this command: