Electronics Suppliers and Vendors

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Electronic Parts, Supplies and Services

Electronic Parts (High Volume)

Mechanical Parts and Stand-offs

Arduinos and Specialty Parts

Surplus and Hard-to-Find Parts

PCB Fabrication

  • Flashline Electronics
    • Based in Santa Clara, CA. Have some nice specials
    • No on-line DRC
    • Good prices on larger boards
  • Advanced Circuits
    • Reliable, USA-based. Quick turn-around.
    • Good on-line DRC
  • Batch PCB
    • Business unit of Sparkfun
    • Slow turn-around (2-6 weeks).
    • Front end for Golden Phoenix out of China
    • Inexpensive for short runs of small boards
    • Good automated DRC system
  • Silver Circuits
    • Based in Malaysia
    • Good prices, shipping can be an extra cost/delay

CAD Software

PCB Design and Schematic Capture
  • Cadsoft Eagle CAD
    • The de-facto standard with sparkfun and other open-source vendors
    • Lots of libraries and designs available
    • Costs range from free (limited PCB size) to around US$1,500
  • KiCad
    • Free, open-source
    • Gaining some traction on Eagle CAD
Mechanical Design
  • Alibre CAD
    • 3D mechanical design software
    • About 10% the price of Solid Works