Issues with v2.0

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Open Access Control - Issues with v1.0 and v2.0 hardware

First off, the v2.x hardware has been very reliable and is installed at a number of locations. There are some quirks to this system however, especially since it was designed without ever having seen a commercial unit. Here are some things we would like to improve.

List of Limitations in the 2.x Hardware

  • No Separate power or ground for each sensor input (1 sensors = 2 screw terminals)
  • More consistent labeling desirable(some items start with 0, others with 1)
  • Screw terminals obscure labels of pinouts.
  • Standardize Wiegand and other pin layout and order
  • Removable screw terminals (3.5 or 5mm) desirable for servicing
  • Need to label NO, C, O for relay terminals
  • Increased separation of trace spacing near relays
  • Double ground planes need stitch vias for better immunity
  • Eliminate ground plane around external relay traces
  • Readers with <100uS pulses require external capacitors to work
  • Break out ICSP pins from Arduino
  • Consider adding an Arduino reset switch footprint
  • Grounded components hard to solder. Consider going to a grid for ground plane
  • Better regulator footprint or more spacing for heat sink
  • Need more inputs and outputs for Wiegand reader beeper, LEDs
  • Consider Arduino Mega support
  • Look at RTC crystal and pick best temperature-compensation range
  • Think about on-board Ethernet
  • Option for RS-485
  • Option for SD card for local logging. Consider file system.
  • Control costs (SMT design, cheaper components in some areas
    • Switching PSU circuit
    • Replace opto-isoloators with ESD absorbing devices. May also allow bi-directional support.
  • Consider CPU that will handle encryption

Software Improvements

  • Allow for server time syncing
  • Re-number user database starting with 1 instead of 0
  • Rewrite interrupt code to not need wrapper function
  • Make interactive user editing more friendly
    • Need to save unedited fields
  • Allow for SD card logging
  • Consider SD card storage for user database
  • Allow for connection to SQL database