Messaging Protocols

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Candidate Protocols for Messaging and Encapsulation

Low-level Signaling

The purpose of the low-level protocol is to provide primatives such as:

  • Message Encapsulation appropriate for different mediums
    • RS-232
    • RS-485
    • Ethernet
    • SMS/Cellular
  • Polling, and unique identification protocol
    • Uniquely identify all devices on the network
    • Handle collisions
Protocol Candidates

End to end session protocol

The session protocol is responsible for ensuring message fidelity, security and standardizing the protocol for 2-way transactions.

  • Ideally, session is encrypted and authenticated at all levels
    • User should know they are interacting with a legitimate terminal
    • Token should know that it is talking to a legitimate reader
    • Reader should not leak any secrets during transaction
    • Secrets should not be subject to interception between reader and server/panel
      • Physically secure wiring/network
      • Secure/encrypted protocols
  • Messages should be not be able to vulnerable to session replay
    • Time stamping/serializing of messages
  • Messages should not be subject to intentional or accidental alteration in transit
    • Message CRC and cryptographic signing/MAC protocol
Protocols and Session Flow

Protocol Examples and White Papers