Miscellaneous Projects

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Miscellaneous Projects

These are smaller projects that we have built for internal use and have chosen to open-source.

12V Lighting Controller

12V lighting controller.png
Description: A 4-channel controller for anything that needs +12V switched at up to 3A per channel. Uses the "RBBB" arduino design for control, and an LMD18400 4-channel high-side automotive switch from TI. All 4 channels are PWM and the there are 2 interrupt and 2 analog/digital inputs with protection circuitry. Use this for "common cathode" LED strips or other loads where +12V needs to be switched on the high side.

Two of the inputs are interrupt-driven and 2 have analog capability, so this could be used as a 1-door sub-controller for home automation using a port of the "Open Access Control" or as a converter/interface to another system.

Thanks to Modern Device (http://moderndevice.com/) for the original design and "WestFW" from Instructables for the Eagle Port: http://tinyurl.com/dfj4qc


File:12v light control v100.zip

  • Includes Eagle CAD Schematic and Board Files, BOM, instructions.
  • Bill of Materials included as attributes in drawing
  • PCB also available from [1]

File:12v lighting control arduino code.zip

  • Arduino 1.x program for vehicle/mood lighting with timeout, other logic.