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Open Access Control v 4.0


This page contains documentation, installation tips and downloads for the all-new Open Access version 4. Open Access is a first-of-its-kind offering that brings enterprise security to the hobbyist, hacker and developer. The system is open-source and not encumbered by licensing, NDAs and other problems found with commercial hardware.

System Features

The Open Access Standand version 4 has an Arduino-compatible Atmega 328P on-board and support for powering and interfacing with the Raspberry Pi via it’s 26-pin header. Features include:

  • Atmega328P with support for 200 local users in eeprom. Arduino compatible w/USB and ICSP programming.
  • (2) Wiegand RFID reader ports with fused power, LED, and buzzer support
  • (4) Supervised alarm zones
  • (1) Unsupervised tamper zone
  • (4) 5A relay outputs
  • (2) 12V auxiliary power ports
  • Selectable USB output or direct-attach 3.3V UART to the Raspberry Pi
  • Real-time clock with battery backup (DS1307)
  • Serial i2c EEPROM (Atmel AT24)
  • Expansion header for CD or more inputs/outputs

Support and Documentation

Quick Start Guide

Jumpers and settings

Electrical Specifications

Schematics and Design Info File:Open Access v4 schematic.pdf

  • Full set of schematics for the Open Access v4, in PDF format.

RFID Reader Documentation

Software Downloads

Firmware File:Open Access Control v4 std

  • Latest firmware (v1.40) for the Open Access v4 Hardware
  • Last build tested with Arduino 1.64

Mounting Template

  • Mounting template for installing the Open Access v4
  • Prints as actual size (approximately 4x6")
Drill template v4.png