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New Products Coming!

Based on feedback from existing users and a recent round table, we’ve come up with a new set of product offerings.

1. Open Access v3 Mega – This is an Arduino Mega version of the board we’ve been selling, with greatly expanded capabilities.

Two sites have been beta-testing the new system, and a final version has been sent out for production now.

As mentioned before, this board has 16xSupervised alarm zones (one can also measure battery voltage), RS-485 serial, 8xrelays, 2xfully-implemented Wiegand readers with power, LED, etc. There is also one more new feature: a 25,000 user memory, thanks to the 1Mbit Atmel AT24C eeprom chip. This will allow large spaces to grow their edge system out past 200 users.

Here is the Mega board:


2. The Open Access v3 Standard. This version has an on-board Arduino-compatible based on the Atmega 328P chip and features 4xrelays, 2xreaders, 4xsupervised alarm zones, a 25,000 user memory, and all-new LCD display output.

Several of you asked for something like this for controlling the system, building lockout panels for machinery, etc so here it is.

A picture of the Standard:


3. We’ve also just received samples of a new line of security power supplies. These are 12V powers supplies with 5-10A capacity and various options including power-distribution blocks and built-in UPSs. We’ll have pics up soon.

That’s it for now! Be sure to check out Layer One 2012, where I’ll be speaking at the end of May.

May 5, 2012


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