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Industrial Applications

Industrial-strength Arduino

If you’ve developed a system project using the Arduino open source platform, we’d like to hear from you!

While many people have been using the Open Access platform to develop access control and home automation systems, it’s also an excellent platform for process control, automation and other PLC-style applications.

The Arduino platform can be programmed in Wiring, or in conventional Ladder Logic with the powerful new plcLIB software.

Unlike other solutions out there,  the Open Access is not fragile dev board, but a robust, industrial-quality controller with full power and input protection built-in. Install it in a cabinet with a DIN Rail, and you’re ready to tackle the toughest applications.

The system is open-source and not encumbered by licensing, NDAs and other problems found with other commercial hardware. Manufactured right here in Southern California by ACCX Products, Inc.

System Features

The Open Access Standand v4 has an Arduino-compatible Atmega 328P on-board and support for powering and interfacing with a Raspberry Pi via it’s 26-pin header. An adapter cable and mounting kit is available separately.

Features include:

  • Atmega328P with Arduino bootloader.
  • 2A power supply built-in. Ready to run on any 12V power source
  • 2K eeprom, with support for 200 local users when used for RFID security.
  • (2) Wiegand RFID reader ports with fused power, LED, and buzzer support
  • (4) Analog inputs with input protection
  • (1) Unsupervised tamper zone
  • (4) 5A relay outputs
  • (2) 12V auxiliary power ports
  • Selectable USB output or direct-attach 3.3V UART to the Raspberry Pi
  • Real-time clock with battery backup (DS1307)
  • Serial i2c EEPROM (Atmel AT24)
  • Expansion header for LCD or 6 additional inputs/outputs

The Open Access can be used with our free, open-source security firmware, or your own custom programs When not using RFID readers, you have an additional(4) interrupt-driven inputs and (4) more outputs from the RFID reader port.

Schematics and documentation are on our Wiki:

Open Access Wiki

Please contact us with your application or questions! We can provide a variety of services around your open-source automation project, including building custom equipment, programming and application consulting.

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